In-House Repairman vs Outsource Service Providers

In-House Repairman vs Outsource Service Providers

Some of the considerations to keep in mind when deciding whether to outsource property maintenance service repairs are or to use your in-house repairmen are responsiveness to the job and the hard and soft costs of property maintenance. The best property managers are those who are both responsive and proactive with their property maintenance services. These traits help keep renters happy, which leads to them becoming long-term renters. However, while having the same in-house repairman handling all your property maintenance tasks may seem great, there also are some considerations:

  • No in-house repairman can specialize in every area of property maintenance.
  • Some jobs are too large or complex for an in-house repairman to handle.
  • Some tasks require licensed specialist.

With in-house repairmen there may be a stack of work orders to get through, slowing down your responsiveness to repair requests. If you hire a conventional third-party specialist for a larger or licensed property maintenance service, you need to make an appointment that works for their schedule, which could take days or even weeks. Thankfully, these aren’t your only choices. There are other options, which include:

  • Hiring a temporary repairman to work a set number of hours, or
  • Hiring an experienced professional who specializes and is knowledgeable in all property maintenance needs, with a team who can be responsive to the sensitivity of your service needs.

Other benefits of using Tool Lawn Property Management and Referral Services network of local experts for your property maintenance services include

  • Total interior and exterior services including landscaping all in one place.
  • Security in knowing that every tool lawn property maintenance and referral services repair tech has passed a background check and are insured.
  • You can select the extent of the job to match your budget; and
  • Knowing that there is a service guarantee that covers every job.