Weighing The Hard & Soft Cost of Property Maintenance

Weighing The Hard & Soft Cost of Property Maintenance

When it comes to the cost of the property maintenance aspect of property management, many things need to be considered. Some of the hard costs of property maintenance services include:

  • Vacancy loss: The longer a property sits vacant, the more it will cost in terms of lost rental income, degradation of the condition of the property, etc.
  • Turning a property: : Typically, the longer a renter stays, the more stability you have concerning rent. However, it also means that more rehab and property maintenance costs will eventually be required (cleaning, interior painting, new carpeting, etc.).
  • In-House tech salaries and benefits: These are the ongoing costs of employing full-time, in-house techs.
  • Outsourced third-party billing (by the day or by the minute):  Many third-party service providers charge by the day or by the hour including service call and diagnostic fees.  Unlike these other techs, Tool Lawn Property Maintenance charges per project.  And with our contracted customer perks, our licensed referral service calls and diagnostic fees are absorbed by TLPM.

In addition to the hard cost of property maintenance services, some of the soft costs of property maintenance include:

  • Downtime: These can be a significant issue for some property managers. If you are paying someone to be available to perform a specialized area of work but don’t have any jobs for them, you are spending money needlessly. Financially, it is more viable to find a service provider who can handle those specific tasks on an as-needed basis.
  • Truck stock: Keeping the necessary property maintenance materials and parts on hand for the in-house repairman to do their job. These include not only replacement parts but also functional tools and equipment as well, not to mention on-site supply storage.

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